As the management of other projects, similar project management abilities are employed and implemented in wedding planning. In addition, the efficient management and organization of resources is the main part of management theory that could be employed to manage the wedding ceremony. Thus, the wedding planning through these abilities becomes a tremendous day for the happy couple.

The wedding day is a crucial day in all people’s life. The management and handling of all operations on such an occasion are really essential. In this case, the effective management and handling of all operations on that day is really necessary and essential. Additionally, the majority of couples are spending more on their wedding as compared to some other expenses in their lifetimes apart from their home or car. Actually, research by a well-accepted wedding resource shown, that 2.4 million couples get married each year in the United States by spending an average cost of $20,000 (Wedding, 2009). This report is about planning and managing the wedding project that is going to be held after a few days. This wedding ceremony will be a huge marriage ceremony that requires extensive planning and availability of all the things on the day of the wedding. In this report, the overall plan for the wedding project will be presented. That will be helpful in making this project a successful project.

In this project, there are several constraints that could affect the project. However, there are also some opportunities that could make the overall project comfortable. Some of the main constraints and opportunities are outlined below:

This project should be completed on time, within allocated cost and resources. For example, in the case of exceeding the cost, this marriage could be affected. If all the resources are managed in a better way but not on time then it will also affect the whole project. In the scenario of management of the resources, the present project is having a lot of problem areas.

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