Project management competencies are based upon two factors: (1) a process can never get managed properly if the developer is not familiar with it. and, (2) the develop should well understand the business and culture behind the project. The PMBOK Project Competencies Table, which lists 20 competencies, defines these points in detail. Out of these 20, 12 competencies come with business experience. 5 can be achieved through combining business experience with training. 2 can be achieved through training. while, 1 requires project experience. No competency needs IT know-how. Hence, the most significant pre-requisite is a professional business experience.
So, assuming business experience as the most important, and that the candidates’ qualifications and individual capabilities are alike, you would eliminate both the IT manager and the recent graduate as good candidates. Your recommendation should be to hire such an individual who has extensive business experience, which should be enhanced through training. He should be encouraged to lead smaller projects in order to get familiarized with the process, before handing him over the mission-critical project. The second priority recommendation is to go for a candidate who has both business and project management experience.

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