The goal will be to let people know that aero mobile is a service in use by some airlines since 2008. This service allows people to use their cell phones while they are in the air. For example, airline passengers can talk to their friends using their blackberries and send emails through 3G. In addition, this is very helpful for people because it saves them money. For example, when a traveler uses his own cell phone on a flight, he will pay the regular or normal rate for a call. But, if he is going to use an airplane phone, it will be very expensive, as the rate per minute for an airplane phone is as high as US$5.
Also, the sound of a call will be clearer with a cell phone because the signal is stronger than an airplane phone. Moreover, we have found that the airline industry is the one industry that can use this service because this technology was specifically made for airline flights. I believe that this technology is very important in this era because there are many people who travel on long flights, and they may need to use their cell phones for business purposes. For example, a business man sometimes needs to make sure his work is going on correctly while he is in flight. This service will help him to feel more comfortable because he uses his cell phone and he can talk any time during the flight.&nbsp.
We are sure that if the airlines start having the aero mobile in their system or planning to have it as soon as possible, they will attract more people to travel in their airlines. For example, if you have a businessman and he has a chance to travel from Dubai to Los Angeles. He can travel by three airlines which are British Airways, Emirates Airways, and Etihad airways. He will choose the Emirates airline because they have the new technology which is aero mobile and he will have the chance to use his cell phone any time during flight even if the flight is a long way.&nbsp.
Since we have only three Airlines are using this technology, the other airlines should have these special services to develop their market. For example, if they decided to have an aero mobile, that will support their market and they could make more and more advertisements about their offers. In addition, we could bring some statistics from the airlines that have been using the aero mobile and how their profit and income increase is after the aero mobile services and will help to raise the sales too.&nbsp.
In addition, we can offer delegates from our company to do some presentations for Airlines. So they will explain about our product and what are the benefits of it. Also, we are going to share with people and companies when they should use it and how it will work safely in the aircraft. For example, we prefer to use it after depart in about 30 minutes and before landing in about 30 minutes too. So that it will not make any problems with the control tower and the communication with the pilot.&nbsp.
We will suggest airlines try our product in the beginning and we are going to give them some offers such as free using our services in the first month or two months. If the product demonstrates effectively with them, then they can make a contract with Aero Mobile and have this service always.

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