When we say art, we mean something that a person can look at and interpret. Art is a visual perception of its author. it highlights the main subject to depict its reality. The exaggeration of the illusion can be considered as a lie that reveals the truth behind the scenes much more clearly through the art performed, painted or sung. (Simon, 2007) In his own quote, Picasso illustrates an artistic touch to call art, a lie. By that he meant the illusion, the self created image of any topic and the observed scenario which an artist creates to send the message through. Hence, using all the human senses, the artist uses self expression to make analysis about the truth that lies behind the mirror. It is on one part the mirror image but much more of a deep scan that illustrated all the parts. Many artist find that in variety of subjects, much like Yehudi Menuhin, the famous American violinist on NY Times explained: I look upon music as the most complete exposition of the body and spirit of man – and of our universe (NY Times, June 1986)… , The Romantic Manifesto, 47) The excerpt explains it very deeply of how no real apple can actually look like the painted apple but yet gives the direct image of how delicious and ripe the apple is. Art hence covers dimensions of a human brain for it to pursue its desires. Arts that include poetry and theatre performance play a major role in defining how a simple lie, much like Ayn Rands’ Visual Abstractions can sum up major historical events and move people to find the truth amongst the words. In stage direction, now a day, art is being judged on the amount of hits it can get rather the quality of work and the meaning behind the scenes. It is taken as a time past rather, as Harold Clurman says as a real communication through the mask of a fable. (Lies like Truth, 1958) Poetic illusions As Art discovers many dimensions, it plays with words and thoughts, creating images and lies that a person is inclined to look into, to make it a reality. Shel Silverstein through is versatile poetic sense creates an illusion of a tree that can speak, Once there was a tree… and she loved a little boy. And every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest. ……. and the tree was happy But the time went by And the boy grew older. And the tree was often alone (The Giving Tree) In this exemplary piece of art, the poet looks into a lie that is a tree that can speak, but infact is much more than that, for many the tree can be our family on which we stand by every day and they are there to help. Through art, Silverstein emphases that how reality revolves around how human wants are never ending but by the end of everything we go back to nature, where it all start. Too look behind the lie is the art of the reader,

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