R.Preeti 27/7/2008 FINANCE Finance is an integral aspect of business management and the study of fiscal aspects of business. This write-up is an attempt to take up few stories from newspapers, related to finance and put forth an abstract on each.

The first article is about how Asian tourists are flocking Japan. Japan has become one of the top tourist destinations. The faltering tourism in the country has been revived yet again. This time, it is because of the rise in the standard of living of the countries of Asia. Japan’s technology is a major draw for tourists. Besides this, shopping in Japan is another feature. However, the article says that the number of travelers travelling from Japan, is on a decline. In my opinion, Asia’s rising economy, is turning out to be a reality. This has enabled high purchasing power among the Asians. This, in turn, has facilitated rise in tourist activities. Tourism is becoming the most sought after way to promote one’s country and economy.

The second article is about the serial bomb blasts that has rocked India, during the last couple of days. The first series of blasts shook the city of Bangalore, on July 25th. The very next day, as many as 16 blasts took place in the city of Ahmedabad. The blasts are said to be the handiwork of Indian Mujahideen. Investigations are on. The Government is taking up serious steps to identify the culprits. In my opinion, extremist forces must be discouraged. The Government must set up dedicated intelligence forces. They should be trained extremely well. Besides this, peace and brotherhood must be propagated. Tolerance and unity must be brought about. Ultimately, innocent lives must be protected.

The third article is about the Rolling Stones. They have abandoned the EMI. The EMI is a British recording label. It has been their home for the last 30 years. This defection comes after the ownership of EMI was transferred a year ago. The new owners of the label, have been openly criticized. In my opinion, the EMI’s image is being disrupted. This primarily due to the defection. It is said that more than the records, the dispute and defection is bringing in more moolah. However, this is not really good for the new owners. In fact, the recording label is in the process of firing nearly one-third of its employees. Thus, the Rolling Stones have moved to Universal, EMI’s primary competitor.

The fourth article is on GE. The article talks about the company’s revamping of its functioning. The company has taken up structuring of its business. This is being done to revive the share price. The company is moving away from its manufacturing core-function. It is looking at a technology-based role. In my opinion, transitions are essential for businesses. Even a company like General Electricals, that has been in the business for more than a century, needs to keep reinventing itself. Changing with changing times, is a pragmatic approach. This way, companies can capitalize on changing trends in markets and reap the benefits. GE certainly knows the way to surge ahead. This would change the way the company functions, as well.

The fifth article is on Microsoft. The company has entered into an alliance with Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. The applications that make it unique. Microsoft has entered into the alliance, as it wants to become a forced to be reckoned with, in the search engine business on the internet. With deals with yahoo failing, Microsoft is looking towards catapulting itself into a big name in the search engine industry. This is a challenge to Google. In my opinion, Microsoft is looking at expanding its base and reach. The strategy seems to be, to capture a considerable amount of the online territory. Microsoft is interested in making investments, at the moment. The company wants to get into search engine technology. Besides this, it also wants to a make a mark in online advertising. Evidently, Microsoft wants to emerge as the leader in the software and online field.


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