The combination of the plot works with the spatial, visual, and aural concepts with the stage to create the perfect concept of the musical. This is based around creating an effective performance that focuses on a combination of character development and plot development. This is based around the music that is in the production to enhance the performance and to show specific concepts about the play. The directions used and the specific ideals throughout this musical than work together to create a commentary about society and to show the tragedy of the main viewpoints of the writer.The first one is comedic in nature and is based on the twins, Edward and Mickey growing up together. Behind this is a secret from the mother because she had to separate the two boys at birth. She didn’t have enough money to care for both and gave one to the caretaker she worked for. The first act begins with this, then moves into the comedic nature of the boys growing up together. The second act moves into more dramatic action, with the focus on the separation of the two boys at a later time in their life. This is combined with both fallings in love with the same girl and the eventual breakdown of Mickey. The continuous drama reaches the climax when both boys meet again after Edward has an affair with Mickey’s wife, Linda. Mickey threatens to kill him until their mother comes and reveals the truth. After they find out, Edward is killed by Mickey, and Mickey is shot by a cop because of a mistake from a robbery. This ends the play with the well-known song, Tell Me It’s Not True.The basic features that are a part of this performance are tied together by the musical numbers that are in each of the scenes in both acts. This builds character development and also is able to state the atmosphere of the program. The stage direction works in combination with this to create a specific environment and to show the development of the plot.

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