Apology Letter Jun Mo Park Larysa Sydrorczak Dear Larysa, I know that the harm I have afflicted you with is unforgivable, as I have insulted you, which is a violation of your right of respect as a human being. I totally believe that your anger is valid, and I do not think that you will ever be able to forget those hurtful moments when I attempted that assault on you that day at Tim Horton’s coffee shop. Still, I want to convey a shadow of the intense remorseful feelings that are nurturing in my heart. I hope that you will grant this apology letter some of the precious minutes of your time. I am really very sorry for what happened that day. I have been nurturing these feelings of grief, guilt and repentance ever since I threw coffee on you and hurt you badly. Please, believe me that I am not a habitual binge drinker. I drink occasionally but that night at the club, my friends indulged me in heavy drinking which made me lose my nerves in the morning. I could vividly see a group of girls videotaping me, and that infuriated me. Please, trust me that basically I am a very good natured and calm person. I don’t know why I became so angry that day that I lost my temper and threw a hot mug of coffee on you. I wish I was in my senses. But time has passed, leaving only the repentance and remorse in my heart for my whole life. I cannot undo what I have done. I cannot bring back those moments. I wish I could undo the harm that I have done to you. I know that the physical injury will soon vanish, but the emotional and mental pain that I have caused you will hardly ever go away. All of that is just because of my stupidity and carelessness, of which I am really apologetic. Oh! How I wish I could rewind the time and undo the harm that I have done to you. I am so regretful.I also know that I do not deserve you excusing me, nor do I deserve a mini-second of your time. But please, consider my feelings. I have tried my best to remove from my nature what caused me to bring pain to a human being. I have attended almost over twenty therapy sessions with a psychologist. I have also attended a positive change inner mindset class with a social worker to remove all negativity from my behavior. I have completed almost 500 hours of community service at Salvation Army, breakfast club- a place where poor and homeless people are fed. I have done all this to bring empathy and kindness into my nature. I have also contacted a psychologist for counseling regarding quitting drinking. I really want to change myself. I want to become a person that is compassionate toward others. My assault toward you was the first time I ever hurt a human being, and I am really repenting to God to what I have done. I hope that you will consider my apology. I know I do not deserve your kindness after the wrong I have done to you, but I ask for your compassion because I know that you are a virtuous human being. People like me do not deserve to be excused, but people like you are a shadow of God’s love and mercy. Please! accept my apology.Hoping for your benevolence, Yours sincerely, Jun Mo Park.

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