This requires effective consideration of particular features of the dwelling in order to enhance the use of green energy thereby containing the runaway pollution experienced in particular parts of the world as the discussion below portrays.Designing and developing a dwelling requires effective utilization of space, which is often the most important feature. Consumers continually demand larger homes spaces beside several other features that make homes habitable (Evers amp. Koln, 2006). This thus influences the selection of a construction location often considering the elements of nature. The selection of a construction site must minimize conflicts between humans and other animals occupying the ecosystem. Peaceful coexistence between humans and other wild animals is essential in the construction of sustainable dwelling since such help minimize any conflicts that may arise. Cases of insect bites in different parts of the world such as Australia typify the nature of the conflicts. In such cases, the humans spend millions of pounds in seeking medication for the different bites with the country reporting a high number of deaths arising from insect bites.The topography of the location is a major factor that architectures consider when designing a dwelling. Such factors as the stability of the structure rely on the nature of the topography of the land thereby validating the consideration. Effective utilization of space dictates that a dwelling must permit easy access to the housing units. The housing units must safeguard the safety features that arise from the placement of rooms among other aspects of the house thereby enhancing the accommodation of families of varying sizes. The manipulation of the space contributes to the sustainability of a dwelling beside contributing to the safety of the structure.

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