Students opt for art and design courses out of a desire to express their artistic creativity. However, most of them regret doing so because, on the completion of these courses, they are still unemployed or fail to find any buyers for their artistic creations. Successful artists are those who are able to establish their own niche in the art and design industries, and successfully earn a living out of their creations. This is only possible when he/she is equipped with the know-how of market dynamics and trends with the help of which they will be marketing their products. Networking, communication and enterprise management are the essential tools vital for growth in any career. Yet, not many educational institutions realize this fact and end up producing graduates and post-graduates who are good in their own respective fields, but who do not how to even communicate their ideas. Keeping this in mind, progressive and elite universities are making a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating various courses into one, so that students have an added advantage in the competitive job market.
The field of art and design is very expansive and there is a lot of competition owing to the creative nature of this field. While many art and design students take these courses for “side-business”, not many of them know that there is a welcoming market out there, where many art enthusiasts are willing to shell out large amounts of money for a good piece of work. For this, only the right approach and exposure to the right market is required.
Creative and design industries in KSA are stagnant and are in need of enterprising and innovative artists.

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