Today, rapid diffusion of social media use is ushering in new possibilities for organizations to communicate with and engage the general public. The ability for any organization such as Brunel Business School no matter how small – to adopt cutting-edge social media application presents substantial openings for a more level playing field. Thus, it potentially ‘changes the game’ about the kinds of resources and capacities the school requires and the strategies they might adopt in order to capitalize efficaciously on their social media presence (Peacock, 2011 p., 71).The growing popularity of social media is making its mark on many organizations as well as a general public. With more than 500 million individuals using Facebook, for instance, organizations have realized that it is necessary to be next to those they serve (Ryan, 2011 p., 153). The potential benefits of social media for schools like are several: in addition to customer contact, social media can be used Brunel Business School for facilitating students and parents as they are aiming to make the correct choice and at the same time provide knowledge work within the organization. In spite of the possibilities social media offers for the school, many times the school also associated problems and challenges with its adoption. These challenges in reality may arise from social media being more than just another information system implemented and a new tool or by the organization. Social media come with it a new way of reasoning about schools management. As a result, the school adopting social media has to surrender some of the absolute control they earlier had over their web presence. In some schools such as Brunel Business School, this kind of alteration from a closed to an open setting marks a significant step and change in the school culture.
Brunel Business School often faces challenges with the adoption and use of information systems,

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