iterature Review was conducted using the search engines Infotrac and Science Direct and by reviewing the literature in the libraries of the National Disability Authority (NDA). An internet search was carried out using the search engines, Google Scholar and Ask Jeeves. The paper starts by talking about the difference experiences that people with disability experience, then it goes ahead to touch on their experiences in the world of sports, self esteem issues are also reflected on the literature review and finally the literature review concludes by touching on the social and physical environmental factors that determine how the disabled are treated. The paper ends by analyzing the literature and evaluation of the collected data
Study design: the study was a retrogressive form of study that involved looking back at already done research and published material. Systematic approach has been chosen in order to evaluate and critically analyze the attitudes and perceptions of coaches on disabled people. (Mulrow, Cook, &amp. Davidoff, 1997. Murlow, 1994). It was decided due to the opportunity of having many finding together and still being able to evaluate on them.
Study procedure: The study was mainly done via desk research, whereby an only the review of literature sources was done. An overview of the methodology is shown below in diagram form. The Literature Review was done using the search engines such as Science Direct and by reviewing the literature in the university library. An internet sources were used whereby search engines, such as Google, and Scholar was involved in the search. The key sentence “Factors Influencing Perception and attitude of coaches towards disabled people” was used in the different search engines to locate the required material.
Several criteria had to be established for the material to qualify in the study. the research material had to be less than ten years old, the material that had content on the perception of disabled sports

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