The following are the aims that can be illustrated through the project:
Identify stakeholders, create a Stakeholder map
Establish and Stakeholder Management Sheet
Establish the role of Stakeholders, project manager in relation to Project Governance
Discuss the following aspects of your stakeholder and governance analysis:
Scope (What is the purpose of this analysis?)
Context (What / who is this information usually prepared for?)
&nbsp. &nbsp. The purpose of this analysis is to locate all the key influential people who are directly responsible for managing the project and has a hand in project duration and monetary determination. The various responsibilities enable better functioning of the project and make sure that all the formalities of project resource delegation and allocation are handled.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.This information is prepared for keeping a knowledge document for every type of resource and people enforcing the requirement analysis of the project. It stands very essential to manage the project members and determine all parties who influence decision making to complete the project with the assigned resources (Paul, 2007). This information would bring all project members to the same page and understand the project complexity.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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