IT system and the business are two other ways, both works in their own manner and both have different ways of solving their problems and issues. The business focuses more on goals whereas IT deals with the use of appropriate software and hardware. For organization’s, it is difficult to bring the IT system and the management to one platform in order to bring sustainability to the business. This can only be done when there is proper communication of information between both divisions. Being a manager I know that the dissimilarity actually breakdowns the system and due to this the alignment of the business and the IT also get disturbs. Business success comes when there is an understanding between both areas because the working ways and conditions are different of business and IT. Management can all the time be informed with the IT issues by communication and the involvement of IT specialists in the board meetings. Creating value in business is impossible unless the latest trends are not followed. Because of the changing trends and environment, businesses are creating shifts in order to bring sustainability and uniqueness to the services and operations. IT is one and the best way of providing customer service, establishing convenient distribution channels, and information regarding the products and rescheduling business boundaries. Business managers should see IT as the major component and a wheel of the business. To develop any business activity it is important to give required significance to the IT system of the firm whereas, IT plays a very important role in performing the business activities.This report will present the tools and techniques and the strategies that can be used for performing and fixing up the issues that are currently faced by this company regarding the performance of IT and the cost related issued with IT infrastructure. It furthers demonstrate the solutions to such problems to adhere the further adverseeffects of IT on the organization.

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