My proposed practicum project is the implementation of various best practices related to nursing operations: purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding. Starting July of 2015, daily staff meetings will be conducted in my organization from 8 am to 9 am from Monday to Friday. The objectives of these daily meetings will be to equip staff with the skills, knowledge, and competence necessary for the implementation of best practices. In these meetings, the rationale for purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding as best practices will be established, a membership development committee comprising of nurse managers will be created to oversee implementation of best practices, and also recommendations for implementation will be established.
Based on past surveys conducted in my organization and feedback from patients, management has inferred low levels of patient satisfaction. The current nursing processes or procedures characterized by unstructured rounds and poor reporting techniques have significantly reduced patients experiences in my organization. King and Gerald (2012) posit that purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding are essential practices in managing patients expectations. For instance, King and Gerald (2012) note that bedside reporting allows nurses to exhibit empathy and show concern to patients and could thus elevate levels of patient satisfaction. In nursing perspective, King and Gerald (2012) point out that multidisciplinary rounding helps nurses gain experience in working in a multidisciplinary environment and consequently gain skills and competencies in working with and managing a diverse population of staff and also develop leadership abilities.
Goal: In this project, the learner will create an implementation plan for purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding in order to improve patients experiences and help staff develop their leadership competencies and abilities.
Objectives: One of the objectives for this project is to help the learner apply nursing theories and relevant research in creating an implementation plan for best practices. Secondly, this project is geared towards helping the learner acquire the ability to identify and analyze leadership approaches used in managing multidisciplinary groups. At the end of this project, the learner will have the capacity to apply best practices in nursing in order to drive performance.
One of the pitfalls in learning is "Trying to cover too many learning outcomes" (McKimm and Swanwick, 2009, p.409). In some instance, therefore, it is possible to divert from the identified goal and objectives in a project. This pitfall can be averted through handling fewer outcomes at each specified timeframe. In order to quicken the completion of the project, I will require the assistance of my colleagues in monitoring my project in order to guarantee that I stick to the identified goal and objectives.
In a nutshell, my proposed practicum project is implementing purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding as best practices to improve patients experiences and enhance leadership competencies for the staff. This project will involve the creation of an implementing plan to ensure successful implementation of the best practices.

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