Informational Sciences in Creating Biotechnological Services

Informational sciences in field of biotechnology recognize the requirement of technical support for the wide range of applications. It is a leader in supplying system tools in the field of Research & Development and commercialization of diagnostic tests.

Informational sciences have established various application laboratories for the customers all over the globe. The laboratories have qualified specialists and the lab is equipped with demonstration equipment. There are various cutting and slitting technologies, dispensing technologies, vision systems and various lamination and assembly technologies found in the lab.Apart from the system tools, Informational sciences have range of application studies, Preventive Maintenance contracts and various IQ/OQ services.

Concept programs:

Assessment is prior to investment in various applications. Informational sciences recognise this underlying truth. Using its application labs and team of scientists information science has unfold various Concept Programs. The application studies are based on dispensing tests or on analysing of various parameters.

Allergy Testing by IS in field of dermatology

Allergy Testing is one of the contract services offered by Informational science. This service contract has following features, which are offered by various labs all over the globe:

  • 48-hour postal service
  • 400 tests and comprehensive results along with advice
  • Allergy testing is one of the largest facility services

Some of the tests undertaken are:

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies test
  • Test for additives used in Food and Drinks
  • Different sweetener and vegetable tests
  • Test for fats and dairy products
  • Fish and Shellfish tests
  • Different nuts, grains and fruits tests
  • Herbs and spices

There are some miscellaneous tests:

Allergy test for feathers, animal hair, house dust mite, beers, spirits, bleaches, pollens, aerosols, scents and cosmetics.

Tests are performed for certain items which may cause irritation and allergy from objects like work materials, some medications etc.

After all the tests, your personal report will contain all the supported notes on allergy. The condition will be explained with recommendations on how to deal with a specific allergy.
You can get your tests results within 48 hours.


Immunoblotting technique is also called Western blot, dot-blot or cold blot. This technique helps in detection of specific proteins from patient’s sample. This is the most advanced services of informational sciences. The proteins are dispensed into a nylon or nitrocellulose membrane. Later they are these proteins are probed by patient’s antibodies. A secondary antibody amalgamates with reporter dye and on the basic of colour reaction; qualitative and quantitative tests are performed.

This is a great technique in the field of analytical diagnosis. This is a unique screening tool and is used widely in many applications like:

  • Cancer Biomarkers
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerance
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases

Proteins and sometimes DNA are accumulated by contact or by non-contact BioJet plus Dispenser. After these blots dry they are cut into strips and assembled into cassettes.

  • The Air Jet dispensers are for blocking
  • BioJet technology are for dispensing lines
  • Forced Air ovens with IR sensors are used for drying
  • Guillotine, sheet slitters and rotary are used for simulation testing

There is much more to discover in the field of biotechnology. With the advancement of data mining and informational science innovation, since has helped in the development of human race.

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