Budgeting Affiliation Budgeting The project cost management engages the processes in estimating, budgeting, and managing costs so that the project can be delivered within the approved budget. By definition, budgeting try to allocate the money to various activities being carried out in a given project by outlining the various category on costs and income. Some of the items highlighted in the budget include costs of labor, materials, services, equipments, and grants and donation received. (Taylor, 206)Germantown Tree planting program In this event, the cost estimates were based on project leaders’ expertise knowledge of the materials and resources needed for their lead section of the project. That is. the key members involved in the project did estimate the costs related to materials, equipments, utilities, and resources needed to perform the required to complete the Germantown tree planting activity. The cost estimates of this project was done basing on a vendor bid analysis, where the receptive bids from skilled and qualified vendors provided the baseline cost estimate for every particular component integrated with the budget. Nevertheless, these costs estimate will be refined during the course of the project to include any additional details as it becomes available.Table 2: Cost Estimates for Materials Germantown Tree planting programIndirect costDirect costDirect- variable costsTotal costs IncomeGrants and donations $ 800Fee income $1, 500Other income -Total Income$ 2, 300ExpendituresWagesamp. labor-$600600Food$400Adverts and Promotional $300Utilities –$300300Supplies–$ 400400Seedlings–$800800Travel costs-$200-200Other costs –Total 2800Budget$ 500Germantown Tree planting programIndirect costDirect costDirect- variable costsTotal costs IncomeFee income $ 3, 000Other income -Total IncomeExpendituresWages and labor$600600Food$400400Adverts and Promotional$300300Supplies$ 400400Office costs$ 400400Seedlings$800800Travel costs$200200Other costs —Total3, 000 $ 3, 100Budget$ 1, 00Explanatory notes on the budgetThe budget has the direct, indirect and the variable costs. The direct costs include the costs that are related to the project. These costs include cost incurred while buying tree seedling, supplies such as fertilizers and planting shovels. These costs account to more than a half of the budget spending. Indirect costs include costs that enable successful completion of the project. For instance, the personnel will require utilities such as water during the event. The tree planting exercise will call upon the outsiders and they will be given refreshments hence adding to the cost of the project. The cost associated with the promotion and advertising will be indirect costs to the project. In the variable costs changes with the level of activity being undertaken, one of the variable costs is the cost of the personnel. The more personnel turn for the activity, the higher the costs that will be incurred during the event. Similarly, the more the costs of food will tend to be higher hence making the cost of the budget to be higher. In such a program, the theme touches on a global phenomenal: Climate change. If the organization applied for grants, the application has a higher chance of being successful. Some of the organization that provides likelihood for sponsoring the project includes, United Nations Environmental Program, World Forest Service, Food and Agriculture organization.BibliographyTaylor, R. W. (206). Learning from the Community: Effective Financial Management Practices in Events, a National Program Strategies publication. California: Jim Rosenberg..

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