It is not readily categorized with known drugs of dependence, such as cocaine, nicotine, heroin, and ethanol. On the other hand, caffeine does elicit some effects typical of dependence-producing drugs.(Gupta, p.143)Does caffeine secure respectability in the culinary culture and acceptance as harmless for human consumption? The answer is in the negative view from any angle. Let’s agree that Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug. Though this is mostly related to coffee, it is also found in tea. Tea leaves contain about 3.5% caffeine. Caffeine-containing soft drinks are very popular. Caffeine taken in beverage form begins to reach all tissues of the body within five minutes. Peak blood levels are reached in about 30 minutes. Half of a given dose of caffeine is metabolized in about four hours more rapidly in smokers and less rapidly in newborn infants, in women in late pregnancy, and in sufferers from liver disease. (Caffeine….) Caffeine increases blood pressure and stimulates the brain and behavior. There is much therapeutic use of caffeine, but controversies are associated with their application. Medical opinion is not unanimous about its authentic utility. As soon as it enters the body, its effect is immediate and electric! Blood pressure, pulse rate, and stomach acid production are increased, fat stores are broken down, and fatty acids are released into the blood stream.(Caffeine and ….)Many other complications follow like, lack of energy, fatigue, and improper sleep. Alcohol consumption leads to the deterioration of one’s health! Conclusion: With enough evidence against it, caffeine will always be viewed with suspicion. Overall, the leading research projects based on objective criteria demonstrate that caffeine intake near bedtime…….decreases total sleep time by nearly two hours, and increases spontaneous awakenings.(Weinberg, et. el, p.302) One needs to bid farewell to coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks/food items forever to maintain health.

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