To ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians in the area, the Council of the City of Canning requested the City’s Engineering and Technical services to come up with possible solutions to the traffic problems. The study conducted by the City Engineering and Technical services yields several issues in the configuration of the intersection which made it difficult to navigate. In finding solutions to the traffic problems, consultations were conducted to gather the ideas and observations of the people regarding the situation. Observations of the people regarding the flow of traffic in the area were later on validated through the video survey conducted by the City. The City Engineering office conducted a study of the situation but we feel that the residents and motorists in the area could also provide us with invaluable information through their first-hand experiences. Moreover, we wanted to involve the people in the process of finding solutions to our traffic problems. Since this project may affect hundreds of people, it is important that these stakeholders are consulted to ensure their cooperation, The Mayor said. To date, there is still no concrete data to validate the crash reduction in the area. However, according to the Mayor I am hopeful that this project will achieve its goals. We have proven here that the combined efforts of the government and the people made it possible for us to come up with innovative and cost-efficient traffic solutions. I believe that where there is cooperation, anything is possible.

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