Changing roles of unions Introduction Trade unions, also known as labor unions are organizations of workers who come together to vouch for better working environment and better pay among others thus achieving common goals. In the United States, the history of the unions dates back to the 19th century. The various unions have achieved a number of objectives, the country currently boasts of a safe working environment with employees enjoying adequate pay owing to the endeavors of such unions (Nissen, 1997). However, the roles of the unions in the country are changing owing to the changes in labor practices. The unions currently engage in collective bargaining of benefits, wages and working conditions. Additionally, the unions represent employees during disputes with the management especially in cases of contract violations. Yates (2009), explain that both AFL-CIO&nbsp.and Change to Win Federation seek to achieve similar objectives for their members a feature that shows the split as a way of addressing contemporary labor issues.
Key among such issues is globalization of labor and the development of the private sector. As such, the government, which is also a major employer, must uphold the values fronted by unions thereby safeguarding the interests of the employees. Additionally, the government should formulate appropriate legislations that protect the interests of workers thereby enhancing the development of unions in the country. Unions should observe the trends in the labor market thereby increasing their roles to protect workers from various factors in both the public and private sectors (Wunnava, 2008). Creation of appropriate organizational cultures that encompass the various diversities in the society is appropriate. Human resource managers must create a friendly working environment for their employees by permitting them to form unions since such is a constitutional right. The managers must meet the demands of such unions since they always enhance the productivity of the employees.
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