The five decision areas from the Weill and Ross Model of IT governance are given below. Furthermore, they are being discussed in the light of Alcan and how different governance styles are used in these 5 decision areas.
IT infrastructure strategies are a decision area where it is decided how Alcan will build shared services. Ouellette is involved and active in forming strategies. Earlier there was no proper IT infrastructure or related strategies.
IT architecture is a decision area in which it is decided what technical guidelines will be used. For IT architecture decisions, Federal style is used in Alcan. That is, one chief officer and at least one business unit leader are at work.
Governance is structured in this at Alcan because there had been no supervisor/leader for IT for about a year at Alcan. Plus, there is decentralization to such an extent that one department does not know what the other department is doing and how.
If I were the CIO of Alcan, I would involve the other heads of different departments and would have a meeting with them all regarding every IT project so that they can tell what they think about the project. Moreover, they might be able to help improve the project because of their insight regarding customers, market and Alcan’s products.
I would have gone for IT monarchy instead of just Ouellette being the strategy maker. Much as Ouellette’s Strategies are good and worthwhile, the whole monarchy will be able to better help in formulating the strategies.
Here other departments’ heads and IT heads should gather in order to design business application. This is because heads of departments will be better able to tell about customers’ demands and market trends etc. Thus they will be able to give all the relevant non-technical information that will be required at Alcan for the formulation of business applications.
The style Alcan follows for IT investment and prioritization is fair enough because after all, it is the CEO who passes the budget, the CFO checks whether the budget being passed is feasible or not and CIO helps in making the budget as per the long term and short term goals.

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