Among the 22 people in the IT department, there is an overlap of roles as was revealed during Carol’s interview with the staff. This calls for the need to change the type of leadership to the department if the new outfit of a CIO organization is to yield intended results. The most appropriate leadership style given the facts is Transactional Leadership. This style has the fundamental concept that. team members agreed to remain obedient to their leader at the time of accepting the job. It follows the principle that the members are paid for their effort and compliance with the rules, failure to which the leader is at liberty to punish (Kippenberger, 2002). It is the right style because it clearly defines everyone’s roles and responsibilities which will bring to an end the present overlap, and rewards performers, so any ambitious member of the team will receive reward for extra effort. The reward system under this style challenges employees to work hard and find a reason to love their jobs. Given the current situation, Transactional leadership will bring new ways of conducting business in the CIO organization and inject fresh energy among employees for optimal productivity.The current IT framework at WW appears to be segmented with various systems serving specific areas of the organization. Accurate Financial System serves finance. Mobile Application is intended for sales staff, route optimization and freight checking system for operations and dispatch with fleet maintenance system meant for scheduling routine and preventative repairs.The fragmented aspect of this system implies that IT support staff is needed at each terminal with six support people currently offering support at the present six terminals, one per location. This has left few members of the team to handle development of new systems, carryout routine system security checks and keep tab with the new financial system.To ensure WW

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