United States immigration has been witnessed from Latin America, Canada and also East Asia and due to Americans mindset that time. the immigrants were viewed as sojourners. Asians migrated to America many years ago because of galleon trade. American merchants traded with China through Canton port in the 19th Century. The Chinese immigrants comprised of 10% population of California and 25% that of Idaho due to attraction from railway construction, mining and fishing industries. Japanese concentrated in farming in California, and their immigration to the United States evolved in the 1880s. They lived in ethnic Clusters. Diplomacy of immigration was really concerned with the consequences of keeping some people out and therefore, the diplomatic establishment was made in 1924 partially to facilitate immigration.
Italian: Before 1850, the Italians immigrants from the Mediterranean were widely disbursed but in a small population. Most of them were from Central and Northern Italy largely concentrating in New Orleans. After 1880, most of the Italians from Wales currently referred to as the Mezzogiorno of northwest Europe entered the US through New York concentrating in New England, Chicago, and Mid-Atlantic states. Greeks: Greeks who had strong ties with Greece brought their Orthodox Churches to America in the 1890s although more than half returned to Greece. They created ethnic niches in the restaurant business. Arabs and Armenians: The Armenian population was larger around Turkish Genocide time in 1915 and only 2 mosques were built before 1930 by the small Muslim population. Most of these immigrants were Syrians and Lebanese.
The Poles: more than 26 ethnic groups settled in cities of N.E and Great lakes e.g. Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago. These were especially Europeans peasants. Most of the immigrants were laborers Roman Catholics, but there were no Poland in the year 1795 to 1919.

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