Two weeks prior to the current incident, Cleo lowered her dosage of medication (she lives with her family and they encouraged her to alter her medication). This action led to a "decompensation" of her mental state which the doctors think could have been a contributing factor to her most recent episode. It should be noted that Cleo has a "significant history" of non-compliance with treatment and medication regiments.
Cleos family, though they are supportive, do not understand the extent of Cleos mental health. Although Cleo talks about her family a lot, she also believes them to be involved with the Nazis and she must protect them. hence the reason why she does not want to be in the hospital. During her current hospital stay, she became violent and suspicious with staff. Her behaviour is always unpredictable: She can be talking nicely to staff one minute and then jump across the counter to hurt someone in the next minute. She is also sexually promiscuous with other patients and she takes things form them. Other behaviour that she has exhibited include burning her hair, shaving her head (to be in fashion), and later cutting herself and licking the wound to "cleanse her spirit" (Case Study, p. 38).
Through Cleos promiscuous behaviour she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. She was caught having sex with one patient and trying to seduce another. Although the hospitals has a policy that allows patients to have sex, staff questions whether Cleo can actually give consent for sex. After talking to her family about it, they are split as to how they feel. Part of them feel she has a right to have sex with anyone she wants, and the other part of the family thinks that the other patients may take advantage of her.
Cleos behaviour has created safety issues for everyone on the Ward. Many employees want to move to another area and others want Cleo to be moved. There have been increased absences and requests for workplace safety and Insurance Board claims.

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