The data collected has a holistic view. However, the approach has several disadvantages, namely, increased time requirement, diverse range of data and lack of reliability due to individualistic approach. New product development can be improved by questionnaire bused surveys because it can be easily used to collect market preferences.Qualitative research methods vary in terms of accuracy and the suitability of application. However, from the comparison conducted is evident that some research methodologies have not been accepted by the researchers as conclusive and effective. The success of the research conducted will depend on the ability of the researcher to evaluate the area of research and choose the correct method of qualitative data to be used. Several challenges exist in the choice of data, which include the advantages and the disadvantages of each method. The most commonly used data collection methods are the interviews because of the instant data collection process. However, it poses a challenge in relation to time and other logistical challenges. Case study still requires further research to convince the scholars and public of its suitability to be employed in the data collection process. In conclusion, all the data collection methods indicated is useful at the various levels of qualitative research but are dependent on the researcher’s understanding of the method selected. Each method discussed has its use in the business field at the different level of the product development cycle.

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