This report is aimed at developing a comprehensive emergency plan in preparation for natural disasters at Ashford University’s main campus, including incidences of flooding, tornadoes and heavy storms (Continuity of Government amp. Continuity of Operations, 2003). Each crisis or emergency requires a different type of response. For instance, if there is a bomb threat, it may be necessary to shelter people in place, whereas evacuating the building will be appropriate for other situations like a tornado warning (U.S. Department of Homeland Security). This will ensure that the campus is prepared for the event of a disaster, and analyze the potential responses to the occurrence of such an event.The purpose of this emergency plan is the management of major emergencies and crises in the advent of such occurrences, so as to ensure that major crises and emergencies are handled in an organized way. This emergency action plan is aimed at protecting the Ashford University employees from serious injury, loss of property or life in the event of an actual or potential major disaster. Such situations may include the event of a fire, a bomb threat, earthquake, tornado or a hazardous chemical spill. This emergency action plan will describe the initial routes of action for protection of students and employees and those responsible for the implementation of those actions within the university. This plan is an all-risk emergency plan for addressing disaster and crisis management, and will integrate the various departments of the university and other resources in a coordinated response effort to manage or reduce any loss of life and property through the provision periodic emergency response capability tests. It is also necessary to ensure the effective utilization of resources and the minimization of any disruptions in school activities and of programs.It is a fact that preparation for emergencies will ensure a higher margin of safety if a crisis or

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