Consent information This is an invitation to take part in a survey that is voluntary and aimed at finding out whether people enjoy their privacy by using social networks. It is a query given that all (or almost all) user information is stored by the networking sites. The survey also takes into consideration the number of ways in which this information might be used inappropriately in regard to the users.
The information you shall provide shall be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and your identity shall not be revealed to anyone. Your response shall be secured for a period of three years after which it shall be done away with. It should be known that the respondent is free to quit the survey at any moment without a penalty if the questions evoke any form of discomfort. In addition, to be noted is the fact that the respondent runs no risk in participating in the survey and there are no direct benefits that shall come their way. The only benefit of note is that participation in this survey adds to our knowledge base on the issue of privacy as affected by the social media.
As a disclaimer, let it be known that, while the highest level of confidentiality shall be ensured besides the storage of responses in a secure server, the security of our team does not cover the computer used in giving responses. This is because “keylogging” software installed on certain computer scan be used to capture the information one enters. Respondents should thus exercise utmost care on this subject.
Click here if you agree to take part in the survey. Your electronic signature shall be generated thereafter. For records, please print this.

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