Besides, it is always important to note that individuals will always look for ways to improve themselves and this creates the need for these individuals to be constantly in motion. This is one thing that affects today’s organization as the labor force becomes unpredictable.
Such is the reason to come up with a contingency plan to guard against the losses arising from such unforeseeable situations. Mainly to come up with a plan for such situations, the management will have to consult widely on how to first ensure that there are no situations going to occur like that. This again is followed by evaluating other ways of curtailing the effects of the same if in any case it occurs. This is what creates the bases of any contingency plan. an evaluation of the action plan. In this case, we look at a contingency plan which specifically deals with human resource. The following steps can be followed.
Examine the possibility of having new employees who might be serving on a part time basis in the current period. If the hotel or organization does not have individuals serving on a part time basis, it is important that they consider having provisions for that as these provide an almost exact replacement having acquired and learnt about the organizations processes overtime.
The other step would be having the proper links with labor unions and recruiting firms which would provide an immediate replacement in case of turnovers that attempt to cripple the activities of the organization.
The last of the plans that may work as far as the employees or human resource is concerned is ensuring that there is a mechanism in place which monitors the individual’s involvement in work processes. Studies show that individuals who have a stronger probability of leaving the organization are likely to be less involved and tend to or incite others. A mechanism that identifies such behavior is likely to help reduce the effects of sudden turnovers which may result in losses for the firm. It is important to note that some of these effects that arise as a result of human resource changes may be quite drastic and may lead to the collapse of the organization. So, having a mechanism that enables prediction and at the same time provides a way to counter would boost the situation of the organization.
Contingency plan on financial resources needed
This is another very vital resource in the organization not only in the hotel industry but in all other industries. The money resource is the base for any business as it involves the capital employed, the rates paid and the wages paid. A money resource is the seed in any organization as it is what creates the organization. Though individuals may have an idea, it is impossible to breathe life or transform the idea without money.
Thus, for any organization to run smoothly in terms of service provision, activity control and product creation, a considerable investment needs to be employed. Though individuals or human resource as discussed earlier may be the driving force in an organization, they are there because their efforts in learning the organization are compensated. The way to compensate the human resource is through money.
For an organization either in the hotel industry or any other industry to run accordingly, it has to have a sound financial base. What this ensures is that all the other resources are present and compensated for fully. But it is not always

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