Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury The novel Fahrenheit 451, a ic dystopian of post future literature stands alongside with Orwell and Huxley Brave New World prophetic account of Western civilization and reliance on the drugs, traditionalism and media (Bradbury Web). Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a science or a speculative fiction novel that tries to examine, “If this goes on….”
Many have thought of the world becoming unsociable because of the mobile and social networking sites. But, several have made friends through networking technology. A Fahrenheit talks on the deliberate use of technology that has led to the promotion of unworthy devotion.
Mildred Montag becomes a victim of rampant neurosis (Bradbury Web). Mrs. Montag on the other side enjoys watching the television and still request for more. The imagination comes in to foresee how the coming generation would get addicted to the social media network devices. Mrs. Montag, “If I am the one affected to this extends to social media, how our children will be?” Mr. Montag, “all will depend on them, some will be affected while others I doubt if that will be possible to some.”
A totalitarian regime ordered all books to be burned, but Guy Montag realizes the merits of books in the community (Bradbury Web). Montag emotionally suggested that the one burning books is risking his career, house, marriage and extremely his life since books have an extreme compelling in the life of an individual. “Yes, the Hound’s somewhere about the neighborhood, so don’t try anything. Ready?” “Ready,” “Fire!” The main theme here is the significance of education to human life. The world can be nowhere without quality education. Mrs. Montag, “education is not the only way out in life.” Mr. Montag, “The society can be hopelesswithout education since books contain great philosophical truths, Books! Books! Books! These are the only tool that can bring light in the society.”
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