Reformation initiatives, in many countries, including Australia have brought rich dividends for the prison administration as they have improved the discipline by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Reformation and rehabilitation activities are alternative beats of the same heart.
Reformation and rehabilitation are the processes by which a crime-oriented individual is absorbed in the mainstream of society. “It is now more than 12 years since Victoria Police, prompted by examples in the United States, initiated the first trials of Neighbourhood Watch.”(O’Malley, 1997, p.1) Van Dijk and De Waard (1991,483) have defined crime prevention as “the total of all private initiatives and state policies, other than the enforcement of criminal law, aimed at the reduction of damage caused by acts defined as criminal by the state.” (O’Malley, 1997, p.3)
Crime is a word with a broad connotation. A project suitable for a particular type of crime may not work well in some other case. “The history of crime prevention in Australia has been a very "stop-and-start" affair.”(Homel, 2005) Some strategies relating to violence at public events, methods used to deal with drug-related crimes, have paid dividends. However, consistent and sustainable results are not forthcoming. But the determination of the authorities for the introduction of innovative crime prevention plans is laudable. A national policy for crime prevention is yet to evolve. The awakening and action in this area emerged in 1995 when Safer Australia initiative was launched. The budget allotted for this programme over four years was a small sum of $2.8 million. A panel of experts on the subject of crime, business and community leaders looked after the application of the funds for crime reduction measures. This approach from a particular section of the society with limited objectives had a promising start, but could not&nbsp.accomplish the intended journey.&nbsp.

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