In addition the interviews did not know about the number of residents in a house, while the interviewers also faced language problems in case of immigrants and some were reluctant to answer the questions as they felt threatened. The population of Sparkbrook was very mobile that too added to the problem. The researchers admit that not all of the tables are based on completed interviews. They had to hire Indian and Pakistani students as volunteers. The researchers admit they did not interview everyone and the sample size was quite small, but they are confident that it is representative of the trend. The research used a three pronged approach depending on observations, informal meetings and questionnaires.The second reading is Humphreys (1970, 91) detailed study of the homosexual practices and deviant behavior homosexual men. He intended to watch the participants in homosexual acts in public park restrooms. The research was divided into two parts the first was when he was a participant-observer. The second stage was the interviews. For the first step he made himself familiar with the routines of the homosexuals who used the restrooms. Secondly as an observer he became a deviant becoming a part of the whole activity as a lookout. He chose to be a voyeur, who observed the participants but did not do anything physical. In a covert way by observing the automobiles of the men he started to form a systematic sample using a systematic observation sheet. He came into contact with twelve individuals who were willing to talk to him, while for the rest of the sample he got help from another meta- analysis using the questionnaire to find about ethnicity, social status and marital status of the men. He used high degree of secrecy, although in the end he had to hire assistants to help him in the research.The third reading by Malson et al. (2002, 140) analyzes the interviews conducted with young white and Asian

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