There is a degree of negligent perception from the medical practitioner responsible for the patient and for the family of those who suffers that become complacent into thinking it is normal and to be expected.It is relative to our mortality that for the luckiest of us, we follow the cycle of life and we grow old and then wither. The lack of concern that society often disregards old people is nothing less than an irony of our life. We refuse to acknowledge older people as we dismiss them easily in favor of the everyday problems that we face and regard as a matter of life and death. It is a bittersweet reality that whether we like it or not, we are one day to replace those older people as we age ourselves. In this, we experience the same physical and mental problems that they endure in their life. It thus seems more than proper to be empathic in their complaints and gripes that may be possibly remedied with proper attention.The aging process entails many changes that occur and radically alters everyday living. Imperative changes in the body result in physiological mechanisms declining that are common as a person ages. These should be identified as it is helpful in the management of problems that arise with it. The least problematic of this is gestation as taste receptors are replaced on a regular basis disparate to neural cells. A somatosensory problem that compromises their ability to regulate their temperature is also diminished. This could affect their tolerance for pain which may hinder their capacity to recognize symptoms and result in problems progressing before detection. Another includes a sensory deficiency in an auditory and visual facility (How may sensory changes affect the everyday lives of older people?).

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