In fact, it may be seen that educational exchange programmes create maximum cultural interaction and exchange of views and ideas between different cultures.
The city of Newcastle was selected in this project because the city is important in many respects. One, it is a prominent destination in the UK with regard to educational facilities and students, especially foreign students come to this place to pursue their education. The city also provides umpteen facilities and resources for students to exploit and further their educational aspirations. However, the city also has its fair share of problems. Cases of harassment based on colour, religion and ethnicity have recently been recorded from the city and people are apprehensive about local groups that are notorious for harassing foreign students. However, in spite of such irritants, the city administration has done a fair job of providing many facilities for education seekers who come to this place in search of a professional degree and qualifications.
The interview will be designed to elicit the answer to the question ‘whats it like being an overseas student in Newcastle?’ The interview will try to encourage respondents to answer what their experiences are as a student at Newcastle. The interview will try to analyse the background of the students and also the common problems that they face as a student in this place.
The country has witnessed a tremendous amount of progress in the area of educational reform over the last fifty years: the educational achievement gap between those of different races is narrowing and more and more students are finding the resources necessary to pursue higher education. However, it still has not solved one of the most persistent and pervasive inequities in the educational system: poorer communities suffer from substandard instruction and a lack

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