Native American is basically the original people who belong from the regions of North America and some parts of Alaska. Native Americans are said to be the sole and native originators who encompassed America before the advent of other discoverers, this is why they are given many titles. such as, Native Americans, American Indians, Indians, Red Indians, Original Americans, Red Men, Amerindians, Indigenous, Aboriginals, and Amerinds. They live in the form of large tribes, groups, communities, states, or ethnic groups. Most of the scholars agree to this point that the population of the Native Americans migrated into the Western Hemisphere from Asia from the Bering Strait in several series and years, and from Alaska, they spread to south and east regions. The civilization followed by the Native Americans is ancient, but this ancient civilization and old traditions have changed by time and the Native Americans have also changed their way of living and lifestyle with the changing world and environment. The written record of the 10 million populated Native Americans can be found with the European conflict because of the conflict era between the old and new world cultures that came with the advent of European colonization. In that period of time, the philosophies of the cultures clashed, religious institutions and centers were challenged, old-world cultures were changed, and modern technologies were changed, so this changed the entire picture of the historic value of the old and new world of history. As the colonial era of England was revolted and the United States established, Native Americans also got the chance to enroll as natives and original habitants of their homelands. Native Americans have an exceptional association and liaison with the government of united states, and they have found their individual&nbsp.independent rights and provisions from the government of the united states to live according to their rights and beliefs in the form of bonded groups, nations and tribes so that they could maintain their own dignity and civilization to full extents.&nbsp.

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