The migrant labor challenge is somewhat dissimilar: it is a comparatively current expansion in ICT job, and one that it is from time to time panic will demean the employment, conditions, and term of original workers. A threat is there, so, of dealing migrant workforce as threatening established workers – being used, however, to the alternative for appropriate diversity management by presenting a set talents supply at little cost. It is a knotty concern for trade unions and diversity professionals alike to respond to and manage. Women’s representation in ICT work in all countries lags quite behind their image as a whole in the labour market. In the US and Australia, they make up about 20% of ICT workforce. In 2004 in the EU27 ICT women staff, made up 19% (Eurostat 2007). In several countries of ICT workers, they account as for 6% as little (E-Skills UK 2007). While the figures of men working in ICT job have risen in current years, women service has remained motionless, with phases of decline. In the United Kingdom, the figure of female engaged as computing experts bisected in the 4 years b/w 1999 and 2003, thus the minute peak in female’s employment was incredibly brief. It is extensive and age-old discrimination in staffing to ICT employment based on unconfirmed suppositions about age: that senior employees are less strong than younger employees and are subsequently probably to have lofty illness absence rates, so as to their talents are outmoded, and that they have problems in learning fresh skills. As an outcome, employees are considered un-recruit able for ICT job once they get to their untimely 40s. In 2000, United Kingdom ICT industry magazine Computer Weekly entitled on managers to sack all over 50s.

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