Methodology: The data regarding personality traits were collected from of two disciplines Medicine and 2. Business, Medicine was d as1 and Business was coded as 2. Now from each respondents (9 from Medical and 11 from Business) responses were collected. Totally for 20 respondents the data were sent to get responses through internet. Only 16 valid responses were receive ie. 7 from Medicine, 9 from Business. There were 70 questions depicting each of the 10 main personality traits categorized as 1. Depression, 2. Crabby, 3. Wild, 4. Good looking, 5. Aggressive, 6. Sociable, 7. Logical, 8. Considerate, 9. Honest and 10. Smart.Questions 4, 18, 31, 45, and 58 deal with depression Questions 5, 19, 32, 46, and 59 deal with crabby Wild questions are 7,21,34,48, 61 Good looking 8,22,35,49,62 Aggressive 9, 23, 36, 50, 63 Sociable 10,24, 37, 51, 64 Logical 12, 26, 39, 53, 66 Considerate 13, 27, 40, 54, 67 Honest 14, 28, 41, 55, 68 Smart 2, 17, 44, 57, 71 The data which were collected based on 4 point scaling carrying 4 for very much like you3 for somewhat like you2 for not very much like you1 for not at all like youThen for each respondents these personality trait scores were averaged among the five traits. Then for each category of students overall average was obtained and presented in the form of graph.Table 1: Table showing mean personality traits for each studentS. NoMed_Busdepressioncrabbywildgood lookingaggressivesociablelogicalconsideratehonestsmart1131.*-in Med_Bus column, 1 denotes Medicine and 2 denotes BusinessMissing responses were not taken into account for computing averages.Chart 1: Chart showing overall personality score for each category of studentsFrom the above graph, it is interpreted that for almost all the traits, Medicine students slightly dominate when compared to Business students except two traits.

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