The reason for interviewing a company manager is to get the strategies and approaches that one uses in implementing leadership. In this way one can determine if the style and theories adopted by the leader may be conversant for the environments or irrelevant. The interview covers the main influential aspects that relate to the company that has influence in the general management.The roles of a manager are to oversee and supervise the activities of the company and its employees. It is the mandate of the manager in charge of small businesses to keep workers aligned with the company goals. In business, the managers have to report to top strategic management, crisis management responsibilities, business employee responsibilities and financial management supervision.A complete interview questions are used to determine the leadership skills and potentials of the candidate. They help in seeking to identify the leadership styles practiced by the candidate from his own perspective and the perspective of his direct peers and reporting staff. It helps in determining if the candidate’s style is congruent in the organizational culture. It is essential to create a leadership profile beforehand that can be used to identify the skills and traits of leaders who are successful within the organization. The best demonstration of leadership style is found on stories, self-serving commentary interviews and self-examination. It is therefore prudent to get as many stories as possible from the candidate so that it can help you analyze the leadership styles applied by the candidate. The positive suggestion and intentions of the candidate towards the company also implies the ability to develop the company and create good strategies.Tell me about yourself. This is not a question but a request. The response should be purposeful and focused. Born in Canton in the year1964 on March, lived in Ohio and attended Lincoln High School.

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