The term ‘Triad region’ is used for describing the markets of certain developed countries. the following countries are included in the Triad region: USA, Canada, Japan and the countries of Western Europe (Rajagopal, 2007, p.44). All these countries are developed countries in terms of the level of their industrialization. The economic and the political power of the countries of the Triad region is significant: in accordance with Rajagopal (2007), the countries of the Triad region represent approximately’ the 14% of the world population and the 70% of the world gross product’ (Rajagopal, 2007, p.44). Another indicator of the level of development of the countries of the Triad region. Another implication of the entrance of British firms in the markets of the BRIC countries would be the following one: a cultural and social conflict could be developed – either in the short or the long term. these conflicts could cause delays in the achievement of the organizational aims (Rugman et al., 2006, p.571). Because of the risks involved in such initiatives British firms may not easily decide to enter the market of a BRIC country. The above fact further supports the view that the increase of the economic power of the BRIC countries may lead to the increase of globalization but this trend is not necessarily expressed as the relocation of the firms of the Triad countries – including Britain – towards the markets of the BRIC countries.

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