The study examines the impact of incentives and education on changes in behaviour in pre-intervention and post-intervention periods among the subject groups of volunteers.Interventions through “go bike” and “bike it” programs at school level are intended to be incentive-based and education-based respectively. The efficacy of such interventions has often been questioned by both experts and laypeople on the ground that they do not produce the intended results despite the much-hyped positive impact on the society at large and the participants in particular. Those who support such programs argue that interventions of this nature necessarily produce positive outcomes in relation to the direct impact on the environment and the participants. However, those who are not in favour of such intervention schemes point out that there aren’t particularly impressive positive results arising out of them.Incentive-based cycling programs introduced at Go-Bike schools have been known to produce more positive outcomes in any society. In economically advanced societies, incentives have to be particularly strong to appeal to the core element of society. There are both pull-factors and push-factors behind such incentive-based intervention schemes. The former includes what’s offered by the authorities who are the implementers of the program while the latter includes the benefits of the post-interventionist period.Education-based cycling programs are intended to enlist the involvement of Bike-It schools that might go it alone. Education-based intervention programs minimize compulsion but place an extra burden on resources and the school curriculum. As a corollary education-based interventionist programs inevitably lead to a secondary phase of intervention in which policy issues have to be tackled to achieve desired outcomes of the program.

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