Unemployed people do not have reliable sources of income. Therefore, the individual is not able to cater for his or her basic needs adequately. Healthcare is a basic need for all humanity but requires a certain level of monetary input. Rising levels of unemployment limit people’s access to medical services because they lack funds that would cover their medical expenses. As a result, sick people may not get the medical care they need due to the lack of a source of income.People have different lifestyles, norms, and practices that define them. Some of these lifestyle aspects have severe effects on health. For instance, drug abusers including smokers and alcoholics are at the risk of contracting fatal diseases. Liver cirrhosis is a killer disorder that results from excessive consumption of alcohol. Lung cancer results from excessive smoking. These are diseases that have fatal consequences especially when treatment is not sought early enough. People’s diets also determine their health status. Obesity is common among individuals who eat large quantities of unhealthy food, for example, excessive fatty food consumption.The environment is a crucial determinant of the health status of the societies we live in. Certain environmental settings are characterized by unhealthy factors like pollution. Polluted environments herb various health infections. Respiratory disorders that result from air pollution are common in areas that contain industries that emit harmful gaseous elements into the atmosphere. To avoid health problems, residential premises should be moved away from polluted areas and industries should limit the emission of pollutants into the environment.Healthcare facilities are vital for the provision of medical services. A society that has adequate access to healthcare services is guaranteed an efficient solution to health problems. However, individuals with limited access to healthcare facilities forexample due to scarcity, find it difficult to counter health problems.

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