Several arguments have come up in favor of these reforms, which aim at addressing the issues of bringing back general masses, who are feeling alienated from politics and political groups, as mass participation is essential for any democracy to work effectively. While people have greater disregard for politicians, many are looking at them with mistrust, as they feel that politicians have no solutions fro the ills that face the country.
However, the greatest need is to change the voting system, without which the above-mentioned goals may not be achieved. Hence, this paper shall discuss the merits of the desired changes, which are called as electoral reform for Great Britain. In this direction, the effective application of advantages of “Single Transferable Vote” (STV), would require massive interaction with the politicians and citizens, encouraging younger blood to participate in elections, analyzing electoral results and reporting of election news by media in a mature and responsible manner (Electoral Reform Society, 2009)
Different voting systems
While the liberal parties have always favored a change in the voting system, conservative parties like the labor party and its allies are happy with the present system of voting. However, the adoption of the Proportional Representative method of voting would necessarily change the present system of FPTP.
FPTP system
As this system is prevalent in the UK and USA, we find the number of countries in the continent that follow a liberal proportional representative (PR) system of voting. The present system of FPTP allows for demarcation of constituencies, according to their geographical location and demographic characteristics, while the electorate is divided into such constituencies allowing a candidate to contest polls from a particular territory. Under this system, there is no difference in the winning methodology as any candidate is winner, whether he or she receives one or one thousand additional votes.

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