Employee educational background- where an employee lands on a job of the distinct profession from his training then the employee will have to be dissatisfied with the work. This happens to be quite natural since the worker will not be able to match his/her preference for such job kind (MBA Lectures, 2011).
Work politics within the HR department- as well as an inability for an employee to fit in an office environment will definitely lead to dissatisfaction. It leads to reduced efficiency as well as productivity of an employee.
Reduced salaries within an HR department will definitely make HR employees dissatisfied with their jobs. HR employees feel like they should be paid a suitable price for services they undertake. No one is willing to work for a trifling amount (MBA Lectures, 2011).
Organization- when employees have dissatisfied their performance goes down. This happens to be a big blow to the organization in the sense low productivity leads to fewer profits as well as poor public welfare, not forgetting that these are the main goals.&nbsp.Organization- customer dissatisfaction is an indicator of how likely a customer will not seek services in the future within the organization. Through customer dissatisfaction, the organization will lose existing customers as well as new customers who could have come for services in the future resulting from recommendations by existing customers. Customer dissatisfaction- external customer dissatisfaction is a situation when customers are not happy with the way they have been entertained by the organization. Some customers may end up feeling that the organization has not treated with respect, poor services, for instance, slow, lack of respect hence they end having a bad relationship with the organization and this is dissatisfaction or possible disappointment. There are plenty of reasons as to why a customer could end up dissatisfied.

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