The fulfillment of the desires of the clients is highly recommendable and forms the basis of the primary goal of this designer. A rectangular design enables provision of a well-defined design development will significantly increase the envisaged probability of creating parking areas that gratify this overriding goal. In the process of maximizing the parking zones, critical relevance is placed on the analysis of the presented need, physical requirements need analysis, aesthetics, and safety. From a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the facility or chapel, a transportation plan is highly considered in locating the parking for the vehicles that will be coming inside the compound. The highly detailed and elaborate outline of the parking lot creates an inventory of enhanced parking areas, free spaces, and their employment thus determining the adequacy and effectiveness of present configurations. The parking lot has the ability to amply contain several vehicles collectively for the attendees of the chapel.
The proper shape of parking zone design enables tackling of the poor location and even outlined or inherent deficiencies of chapel or visitors and even reserved parking areas or sections for employee parking. The side location and placement of the parking lot well creates ample times for car parkers to use the exact time and allow for easy turnover rates as it acts a remedy to Identification access difficulties and unfortunate pavement location and other outlined plant material stipulations.

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