Swine-flu transmission to humans has also been observing, frequently in humans who extensively interact with pigs. The symptoms of the human form of swine flu are slightly more dangerous than smallpox. Typical symptoms of zoonotic swine flu in humans are very similar to conventional influenza which generally involves muscular pains, cough, general body weakness, chills, fever, severe migraine, and general discomfort. Human to human infection of this virus is also prevalent in a manner similar to that of the common flu, namely through coughing &amp. sneezing of infected individuals or by touching something with flu virus on it and then eating food without washing the hands, etc. Swine flu is also transmitted to humans by eating pork products that are not cooked to at least 160°F, which kills the swine flu virus and other dangerous bacteria and viruses.
It has been noted that although conventional treatment for swine flu exits, natural medicines have also been quite successful in treating and preventing pandemic outbreaks of this virus, especially homeopathic and herbal medicine therapies. (Kruzel p.2) Now even vaccines for swine flu prevention are available and public awareness campaigns and education programs have helped increase awareness about this virus to the masses. The best treatment for swine-flu is possible if a physician is contacted within 1-2 days of noticing the swine flu symptoms.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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