Therefore, the extraordinary feats that heroes perform never fail to excite because each feat is unique and distinct in its own way.
We read about heroes in storybooks and novels. We are impressed with their good looks and benevolence in movies. We are awe-struck by their deeds in thrillers. We are benumbed with fear as we watch them shadow ghosts and their ignoble cousins. The acts of heroism interest everyone due to their brush with difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible situations.
This interest is highlighted even more when it is seen that the principal character in every story has traits and talents poles apart. Undoubtedly, the first ones who come to mind upon anything to do with the concept of hero are the Greek epic heroes like Odysseus with their supreme majestic good looks and gleaming, muscular frames.
In the case of Odysseus, he is a mighty man in terms of his physique as well as mental abilities. The source of Odysseus strength and survival capacity is his reverence for the gods. He is capable of doing what no other man could dare through timely support from different gods in different situations. In terms of physical prowess there is no equal to the Greek epic heroes. They defied terrestrial and extra-terrestrial domains.
The annals of a bishop wou…
On the contrary, religious figures are commonly conceived as those whose lot it is to suffer and die! The Bishop in Les Miserables is tender-hearted and kind, but there is a steely resolve that carries the power to melt the hardest heart. The hero in Les Miserables has the unique ability to grasp a situation and turn it around to everyone’s good.
Mr Duvitch in The Strangers That Came to Town initially seems repulsive and unwanted in his neighborhood, but his humility and meekness silently impacts the neighborhood. Indeed, the plot in the story uncannily hides the true nature of the Duvitch family until the heroic albeit innate traits of Mr Duvitch unfold towards the end.
The writers of each story display extraordinary talents unique in their own ways. The Greek epics were written eons ago. But they continue to excite and inspire. Although the reader is well aware that Odysseus’ exploits can only have happy ending she is willing to give the writer the opportunity to witness the range of his creativity and imagination. Thus, the plus point in the story is the use of the elements and situations made subtly and intricately delectable, and the reader lets the hero get away with nave tolerance in ingenuous ease since divine interventions and manipulations are treated with more interest and respect.
Throughout human history, in each age and era, heroes have appeared center-stage, moved among people, lead from the front, took on mightier foes, and dispensed justice. They also sought peace, pursued noble missions, and built structures of benevolent justice.
The mysterious ingredients of heroism have the potential to appear from the most unexpected sources and the most unlikely characters.

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