The Convenience stores and Gas station industry has a worldwide competitive environment especially there is strong competition in the United States. Wawa Inc is presently the leading company of the industry in the U.S., however, the company is facing serious challenges from several market rivalries like Royal Farms, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, 7-Elevn Inc, Sheetz, and Green Valley Acquisition, etc. Royal Farms has shown great progress in terms of providing fuel in a very clean environment and this category is surpassing Wawa Inc as it is exceeding all Federal EPA necessities for cleanliness. Further, Royal Farms has controlled the market of the Mid-Atlantic region by providing high-class beverages. Wawa Inc has experienced Subway as a very strong competitor in the food industry. More than $16.2 billion strategic assets and 35625 restaurants in about 98 countries across the world are the real strength of Subway which has reduced the market capitalization of Wawa in some states (http://www.subway.com). As compared to Wawa Inc, Dunkin Donuts has a global sphere of operations. It has about 9800 stores in more than 30 countries. It has dominated the consumer market from Wawa Inc as about 6700 Dunkin Donuts branches, offering 52 varieties of donuts and a dozen coffee beverages, are operating in 35 states of the USA (http://www.dunkindonuts.com). Basically, Wawa Inc has been affected by its rivalries due to its strong strategic installation on global as well as a national scale. The activities and peak of convenience stores and the gas station industry are generally characterized by a peaceful environment and high earning elasticity of the general public. Therefore, like a few other business fields, this industry is also directly proportional to the peaceful environment and stable economy of the country. An economic instability occurred due to war in Iraq and war against terrorism, therefore during the last few years, the fuel cost has risen tremendously throughout the world as well as in the USA.

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