CRIME IN AMERICA IS INCREASING s Introduction This present research paper is based on the hypothesis that crime in the United States of America is continually increasing. The study will begin with identifying why this hypothesis is worth proving and secondly, the study the state will spell out how the researcher intends to confirm or justify this hypothesis.
Why the hypothesis is worth proving
This hypothesis is worth proving because according to Weitzer (2011), there has been an increase in the number of federal and state prisoners in America, which currently stands at 1.8 million. Furthermore, Weitzer (2011) noted that the recidivism rate is also at a high rate of 52%, meaning that the current correctional or rehabilitation systems for criminals are not effective in reducing crime rate within the country.
Secondly, this hypothesis is worth proving because part of the research will focus on why crime in America is increasing rather than decreasing, and from these findings, the researcher will be able to recommend or suggest various measures that can reduce crime in America.
How to prove the hypothesis
The researcher can simple prove that crime in America is increasing, by simply relying on credible secondary data from a reliable agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has records of criminals within America. Moreover, the agency even posts such records on its official website, which is easily accessible by anyone.
Upon accessing the records, the researcher will confirm or prove the hypothesis if the records show an increase in the number of criminal cases filled at the local courts or if there is an increase in the number of people convicted because of criminal charges.
Weitzer, R. (2011). Deviance and Social Control. NewYork: McGraw-Hill Publishers

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