The latter issue has attracted the attention of this company to consumers representing the personal segment or ordinary consumer segment. It is expected that this group may be concerned about the issue of price and the latter proposal will ascertain whether this is a true fact or not.
The client has set a period of eight weeks for the completion of the project. Consequently, all the tasks in the research will be distributed evenly within this period. Allocations will be done depending on the weight of the task and how many parties will need to be involved in the process.
The focus group will be essential in determining the factors that consumers consider when making decisions about the purchase of notebook computers. Besides this, they will also reveal information about sources of information that they rely on before choosing to buy a notebook computer. This part will dwell on how the notebook computer is regarded by clients in terms of its appearance. Information such as the computer’s exteriors design will be looked into. For example color, design, and thickness.&nbsp.Information about the interior features of the computer will also be imperative. Things such as display cards, memory, CPU, mainboard and other features will be examined.
Information about the kind of features that make competitors more successful within the market will be sought. This is especially because the market has become relatively competitive today. Special emphasis will be given to price offerings in this particular industry segment as it was a serious concern by CB.
A budget of two thousand pounds allows one to do more secondary than primary research. (Aaker &amp. Day, 1990) The information sought during the research will represent both quantitative and qualitative portions of the paper. Quantitative aspects will cover the numerical elements of the research such as price. Additionally, qualitative aspects of the research will be reflected by looking into consumer experiences especially with regard to the decision-making process.
This part of the research will entail an examination of data sources that may have contained information about related topics to the one under consideration. Here, their methods or processes and their results will be thoroughly be examined in order to ascertain that the right procedure is being followed.&nbsp.Additionally, related computer websites will be consulted so as to seek information from e-forms. Competitor information will also be obtained from this segment of the research.

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