All these standards are difficult to be obeyed. Ethical dilemmas often result from matters of law, health science field and stands of different individuals and organizations on issues related to human morals. The church, especially the Catholic has created a great deal of controversies on condom use as one way of limiting down the spread of HIV/Aids pandemic. This has not been taken well by the greater world community.
A dilemma faced by the elderly and the sick individuals in society is a choice to lead a fruitful life free from negligence. This does not spare the healthy individuals who find themselves at crossroads when one of their loved ones falls sick or ages. There is a conflict between the code of ethics depicted by workers concerning a patient’s privacy and the issue of solving the problem they are facing (Kathleen &amp. James, 2007). The reporting of the case concerning Mr. Bert to the administration violated the code of confidentiality. She ended up breaking Steven’s confidence in her as well as giving out information on the patient. The workers in health facilities have codes to observe in the line of their duties.
The ethics involved in the health sector are at many times violated. These violations mostly result in a dilemma upon which the patient’s life may be put at risk while their secrecy gets exposed.

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