Two issues were relevant in the lesson and both involved ethical issues and respond to the disaster. First is the issue that the locals should be involved in disaster planning when international communities take over as the disaster response team. This is important as it helps them in the long-term recovery process, development and even sustaining themselves economically later after the resources (including cash) that are provided by the international communities is stopped. The other issue is that the locals know there needs best and should, therefore, be involved in the decision-making process when a disaster strikes. This will ensure that the solutions and decisions are culturally acceptable (Schroeder, 1997).

What considerations discussed in these readings had you not considered?

The assumption was that there were no conditions in offering aid but it was strictly an altruistic act on the part of the donors which means they wanted nothing in return and thereby abiding by the values and culture of the locals they have offered to support but according to Schroeder (1997), there are usually conflicting national public policy and standards of justice when responding to disasters.&nbsp.

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