The use of e-tickets also eliminates the need to have airport counter staff and space. These can be replaced by self-servicing kiosks. The customers do not have to face the risk of losing the ticket and hence is advantageous to them as well (Williams, 2007). The use of e-tickets empower centralized staff by providing them with relevant data and information as and when required.
However the technique creates problems for passengers when they have to switch planes between airlines or the flight is delayed or cancelled (Malaval and Benaroya, 2002). Along with these issues, the concept has also brought issues regarding information security and privacy (Nemati, 2006). Moreover, the concept can’t be used for infants. Apart from it, the cost of moving from a paper-based ticketing system to e-ticket requires a global tie-up and synchronized system between all the airlines of the world. This system is costly and very complex to implement (Perreaux, 2006).
p-value is the probability that is in agreement with the alternate hypothesis. It is the smallest level of significance level α for which the null hypothesis Ho can be rejected (Mendenhall et al., 2009)
The t-test as well as the p-value confirms that the null hypothesis can not be rejected. This implies that the mean number of complaints received per month is less than or equal to 15. Hence the proposition that the number of complaints per month made by passengers has increased as a result of use of e-ticketing stands false. At the same time, e-ticketing leads to a reduction in the cost of operations of airlines. It also reduces the cost of passengers by eliminating the middlemen: travel agency. Moreover, airlines can highlight it as an initiative to save paper and environment. Hence, the use and promotion of e-tickets is strongly recommended to be done by airlines.
Williams, L. (2007, September 27). From online to onboard. [Online]. Computing p.25. Available at:

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